A jobs-to-be-done approach to buyer personas that will help you reduce churn, shrink your sales cycle, and double your revenue.

ProfitWell has found that, “Without data-driven buyer personas, companies cannot succeed in the subscription market. The 1% of companies that have drilled down their buyer personas using data are what we call 'LTV Beasts'. They're crazy efficient and crazy profitable.

Is your company an LTV Beast or on the LTV Struggle Bus?

Weekly strategy summaries sent directly to you with data-driven insights that allows you to make informed decisions quickly and accurately.

What Can Best Buyer Persona Do For Your Business?

  • Clear, detailed, actionable personas that you can put to work for you immediately
  • Create ads, website pages, landing pages, entire marketing campaigns with the confidence that what you are saying and where you are saying it is going to resonate with your customers.
  • Anticipate your customer’s needs, desires, and build the thing they don’t even know they need yet
  • Shorten your sales cycle with clear messaging and positioning- when you know your customers well, you don’t attract the wrong customers and you don’t spend weeks or months on customers who aren’t a good fit.
  • Reduce churn. When you bring in the right customers, they love your company, your product, your messaging, and they become loyal customers.
  • Write conversion copy and content that comes together easily and converts quickly

Knowing your customers is so important, but who has the time to...

Find customers?

Ask for a conversation?

Schedule a conversation?

Remind them of the scheduled conversation?

Record the conversation?

Design Survey Questions?

Write Email Copy so the customers take the survey?

Read every survey response?

Pull the important information and key data out of the conversations and surveys?

Organize the data?

Share what you learned?

That’s a lot to manage! 

Show Me the Price and Process!


  • creating new features and products that your customers can’t wait to get their hands on and praise wildly once they use them
  • creating a marketing strategy so targeted you know every penny of CAC is being used efficiently
  • creating targeted content that resonates so well every customer feels like you’re speaking directly to them

Best Buyer Persona is about getting to know your customers better

What happens when you know your customers better???

Marketing campaigns are 466% more successful-  Coschedule

Your business grows 2-3x faster- ProfitWell

Let Best Buyer Persona do all the work while you gain all the knowledge of your customers.

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