(Most) Buyer Personas Suck

Sick of slick marketing personas that do nothing for your bottom line? You’re in the ROI-ght place.

Best Buyer Persona is your data-driven way to discover 

who your best customers are, how they behave, and why they behave that way — so you can win their lifelong loyalty



👇 This is not a buyer persona.

“Mark Marketer”

  • 37 years old
  • Married for 8 years, 2 kids
  • Drives a Subaru SUV, wants to upgrade to a Lexus
  • Mid-level manager at a tech company
  • Makes $68,000/year


Well, for starters, Mark isn’t real. 

Someone made him up to justify the ad spend, marketing campaign, or blog series they had probably already decided to launch.

Plus, none of Mark’s made-up information
answers critical questions like:

Some marketing “experts” will crank out a dozen personas a day. 


They’ll run a few social media reports, format the raw data into a pretty slide deck, and hand you the PDF with a heaping helping of false confidence. 

What they don’t do:

Validate the data they pull

Is it actually true, or are they misreading it? Does it actually represent your ideal audience?

Talk to real customers

Sorry, but there are no shortcuts when it comes to sitting down and asking questions

Move the needle on your marketing ROI

unlike Best Buyer Personas, which are purpose-built to help you connect with more of your best-fit customers

If the words “buyer persona” leave a bad taste in your mouth,
Mark Marketer is the reason why.

Real buyer personas are…

Built from your actual customer data

Gathered by in-depth interviews with your greatest fans, biggest enemies, and the folks who honestly don’t even think about you that much

Most products need to speak to multiple user types. Our process identifies and segments those users for you.

Because when you know exactly who you’re talking to and what they need to hear, you convert more customers with less “selling”

" Adrienne helped us with the first stages of research for a new product launch. She was amazing to partner with. Her expertise helped our team move forward and the insights we learned helped us with the launch. We're looking forward to working together again. "
Brian Moseley, SEMrush

With Best Buyer Persona

Without Best Buyer Persona

“The team at Best Buyer Persona spoke with 21 of our customers. This was incredibly useful: it helped us better understand our customers, develop personas, and understand what other personas might be out there."
Carlos Serra, Audiense

Get Actionable Insights That Help You
Truly Understand Your Customers

Your Best Buyer Persona will reveal:

  • What products to build next
  • Which features to prioritize
  • Where customers run into problems
  • Why (and what) they buy to solve those problems
  • What campaigns to run
  • How to craft messaging & copy that converts

So you can…

Get Actionable Insights That Help You
Truly Understand Your Customers

When you understand exactly why your customers use your product (or why they choose competitors 😬), you can adjust your roadmap, messaging, or both to attract more customers who rave about you.

Find & Speak Directly to Your Community

Best Buyer Persona reveals who influences your customers and where your customers spend their time —  online or off — so you can create more effective content and put it smack-dab in front of their eyeballs.

Earn Higher ROI from Your Campaigns

Generic copy doesn’t cut it. When your campaigns address the real problems your customers need to solve (and show them how your product helps), working with you becomes a no-brainer.

How We Collect Customer Data Worth Its Weight In Gold

Or NFTs, if you’re into that sort of thing

Step 1: Strategy

Before you commit to any engagement with Best Buyer Persona, we’ll have a frank chat about what you need from your customer research. 

We’ll also answer all of your questions about the process, including the big one: “What if my customers get annoyed that we’re reaching out?” (Spoiler alert: none ever have.)

Step 2: Data Collection

The data collection process usually lasts between 6-8 weeks. Why so long? Because we schedule 20 customer interviews at convenient times for your customers — and if you’ve ever tried to get a customer on the phone, you know it can be tricky. 

Data collected can include in-depth interviews, surveys, social media listening, and competitor intelligence.

Step 3: Analysis

Once we’ve gathered all of the raw data, Best Buyer Persona founder Adrienne sits down to sift through it. She’ll identify common problems and patterns, pull out messaging and copy certain to convert, and make recommendations for where and how to put your new customer insights to work.

Step 4: Delivery & Review

Your Best Buyer Persona deliverable is custom-built to present the most actionable customer insights for YOUR company or product. No fluff included — and no sifting through 10 pages of meaningless graphs to find a single useful sentence.

To put it another way? Your Best Buyer Persona is all killer, no filler.

"When I met Adrienne, I saw how well she could grasp what the platform was trying to do, the problems it was solving, and why it provided value to the customer. She was able to distill the information she collected into clear, crisp stories that the rest of the organization could understand.”
Jeena James, WebPageTest at Catchpoint

Our Secret Sauce: Deep-Dive Interviews

Your Best Buyer Persona engagement lasts from 6-8 weeks. During that time, we sit down with 20 of your customers for low-stress, high-impact interviews that reveal where your product is connecting, where it’s missing the hit, what your customers really want, and so much more.


Meet Your Customer Concierge


I’m Adrienne Barnes, and I’m the data-driven messaging expert behind Best Buyer Persona. I’m obsessed with customer psychology, great interviewing, and pulling together the insights that actually help you market better.


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